HW Series Wash Systems

Gentle, compact washers for root and leafy vegetables

Now available with oscillation current, and monitor and control system for sanitizer.

The signature HW2600, HW3800 and HW5000 Wash Systems from North Star Engineered Products (NSEP) have the unique capability of washing a wide variety of cut and whole product with a maximum wash path in a small space. For example, our HW3800 model contains a 42-foot wash path in just 13.5 feet. It's gentle, yet effective action makes it ideal for leafy products as well as root vegetables.

The Wash systems come in three models - HW2600, HW3800, and HW5000 - with capacities ranging from 750 to 8,000 pounds per hour.

The Wash system effectively separates individual product pieces to ensure full contact with the wash water. Dirt settles in the "quiet" collection trough that runs the length of the wash tank. The double-deck shaker separates fines from the finished product. The system is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Helical Wash System


Helical Wash Systems


Helical Wash with Chiller



  • Wash path - spiral action ensures complete contact of the product with wash water
  • Gentle wash system ensures no damage to the product
  • Adjustable wash intensity and product retention time
  • Easy connection to a chiller system for maintaining 34 ºF water temperature
  • Simple connection to the ORP/pH monitoring system
  • Replaceable shaker decks with a variety of hole sizes to accommodate various products
  • Removable shaker decks - for ease of cleaning
  • Welded manifolds with sanitary fittings (dairy type) for easy disassembly
  • Sanitary design and large drain valves for easy clean-up and quick changeover
  • Stainless steel construction  - including stainless steel valves and electrical box
  • Fresh water final rinse cycle

OPTIONS: PAA Monitor & Control System 

  • Falling Film Chiller
  • Oscillation Current Package
  • Integrated monitor and control system for sanitizer


Helical SystemHW2600HW3800HW5000
Wash Path24 Feet42 Feet89 Feet
Length (including shaker)119 inches (9' 11")162 Inches (13' 6")207 Inches (17' 3")
Capacity (based on iceberg lettuce)750 lbs. hour2500 lbs. hour8000 lbs. hour
Fill Capacity135 gal. 225 gal. 400 gal.
Total Width 49 Inches49 Inches63 Inches
Feed Height49 Inches49 Inches59 Inches
Discharge Height40 Inches40 Inches47 Inches
Total Machine Height74 Inches (6' 2")74 Inches (6' 2")81 Inches (6' 9")
Utilities20 Amp/10 Amp
230 or 460 Volt HZ / 3 Phase
30 Amp/15 Amp
230 or 460 Volt HZ / 3 Phase
40 Amp/20 Amp
230 or 460 Volt HZ / 3 Phase